About Us

Metals Trading Company

Dear Madam and Sir,

Metals Trading Company is specializing in supplies and deliveries to the end buyers of raw material such as aluminium alloy ingots in different alloys and shapes:

secondary aluminium alloy according to GOST AK5M2;
secondary aluminium alloys EN 2024 / EN 7075 / EN 2011 / DIN 226;
primary aluminium ingots A5 and A7;
primary aluminium billets in alloy 6xxx series which are supplied to extrusion plants)

Also we supply aluminium semi products such as profiles, aluminium bars, aluminium sheets etc.

Raw materials are exported from Russia to Asia and Europe and aluminium semi products are mostly exported from Serbia and Russia to Europe.

Raw material we are proposing is produced by reputable and reliable manufacturers and is always accompanied with full set of documents required by international trade practice.

All our employees have long working experience in ferrous and non-ferrous trading and are well trained in giving full support and fulfillment of all customer requirements (logistical, documentation, claim resolvement) and prompt feedback.

Our sourcing is based on long term relationships with reliable manufacturers.

Our customers are world's leading names in machinery and automotive industry, equipment manufacturers and wholesalers.

Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers.